Fiction Reviews

Links to the fiction books that I’ve reviewed, listed alphabetically by author.  Those denoted with an asterisk (*) are mini reviews.

AAbbott, RachelThe Murder Game
Adiga, AravindAmnesty
Alderman, NaomiThe Power
Alfon, DovA Long Night in Paris
Amphlett, RachelDetective Kay Hunter:
1. Scared to Death
2. Will to Live
3. One to Watch
4. Hell to Pay
5. Call to Arms
6. Gone to Ground
Andrea, Jean-BaptisteA Hundred Million Years and a Day
Arden, KatherineWinternight Trilogy:
1. The Bear and the Nightingale
2. The Girl in the Tower
3. The Winter of the Witch
Arnold, DavidKids of Appetite
Ashworth, JennFell
Asimov, IsaacI, Robot
Atwood, MargaretAlias Grace
The Testaments
Auster, Paul4 3 2 1
Ayrton, LucyOne More Chance 
BBackman, FredrikBeartown:
1. Beartown aka The Scandal
2. Us Against You
Bailey, SaraDark Water
Baldwin, JoThe Good Friend
Barbery, MurielThe Life of Elves
Barclay, LinwoodA Noise Downstairs
Barker, J. D.The Fourth Monkey*
Barker, PatThe Silence of the Girls
Barnett, LauraGreatest Hits
The Versions of Us*
Barr, EmilyThe One Memory of Flora Banks
Barton, FionaThe Widow
Bauer, BelindaSnap*
Bazterrica, AgustinaTender is the Flesh
Beauman, NedMadness is Better than Defeat
Benioff, DavidCity of Thieves
Benjamin, ChloeThe Immortalists
Berg, GretchenThe Operator
Berg, Laura van denFind Me
Bethel, John DavidBlood Moon
Bivald, KatarinaThe Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend
Black, RoseThe Unforgetting
Boone, EzekielThe Hatching:
1. The Hatching
2. Skitter
3. Zero Day
Booth, NaomiSealed
Bouchard, RoxanneWe Were the Salt of the Sea
Bradley, RebeccaThree Weeks Dead
Braithwaite, OyinkanMy Sister, the Serial Killer
Braun, TheresaDead Over Heels
Brennan, MarieMemoirs of Lady Trent:
1. A Natural History of Dragons
2. The Tropic of Serpents
3. The Voyage of the Basilisk
4. In the Labyrinth of Drakes
5. Within the Sanctuary of Wings
Briggs, AndyCTRL S
Broadribb, StephDeep Blue Trouble
Brodie, AlisonZenka
Brody, FrancesKate Shackleton:
8. Death at the Seaside
9. Death in the Stars
Brookmyre, ChristopherBoiling a Frog
Brookner, AnitaHotel du Lac
Brooks, ElizabethCall of the Curlew
Brooks, MaxDevolution
Brown, DanOrigin*
Brown, PierceMorning Star
Burgess, AnthonyA Clockwork Orange
Burke, SueSemiosis
Burnet, Graeme MacraeHis Bloody Project
Burns, RebeccaThe Bishop’s Girl
Burston, PaulThe Closer I Get
Bussi, MichelAfter the Crash*
Black Water Lilies
Don’t Let Go*
Butler, Octavia E.Kindred
Butler, Robert OlenParis in the Dark
CCannon, JoannaThe Trouble with Goats and Sheep*
Three Things About Elsie
Carey, EdwardLittle
Carey, JacquelineStarless
Carey, M. R.The Boy on the Bridge
Cargill, C. RobertSea of Rust
Carlin, LauraThe Wicked Cometh
Cavanagh, SteveThirteen*
Cave, HollyThe Memory Chamber
Chait, GavinLament for the Fallen
Chanter, CatherineThe Well*
Chevalier, TracyNew Boy
Child, HeatherEverything About You
The Undoing of Arlo Knott
Chirovici, E. O.Bad Blood*
The Book of Mirrors
Christie, AgathaThe Hound of Death
Parker Pyne Investigates

Hercule Poirot:
17. Death on the Nile

Miss Marple:
2. The Body in the Library*
9. A Caribbean Mystery*
Christopher, JohnThe White Voyage*
Clarke, LucyYou Let Me In
Clements, KatherineThe Coffin Path
Cline, EmmaThe Girls*
Cline, ErnestArmada*
Cogman, GenevieveThe Invisible Library:
1. The Invisible Library
2. The Masked City
3. The Burning Page
4. The Lost Plot
Cohen, JulieFalling
Cole, DanielRagdoll:
1. Ragdoll
2. Hangman
Colfer, EoinHighfire
Collins, BridgetThe Binding
Collins, SaraThe Confessions of Frannie Langton
Connolly, JohnNight Music: Nocturnes Volume 2
Conran, AlysDignity
Cooper, FranThe Two Houses
These Dividing Walls
Cotterell, T. A.What Alice Knew
Crichton, MichaelJurassic Park:
1. Jurassic Park
2. The Lost World
Crouch, BlakeAbandon
Dark Matter
Crummey, MichaelThe Innocents
Cullen, HelenThe Lost Letters of William Woolf
Cummins, FionaRattle*
Curtis, EmmaKeep Her Quiet
One Little Mistake
When I Find You
Cutter, NickThe Deep
DDahl, RoaldTales of the Unexpected
Dalcher, ChristinaQ
Darke, MinnieStar Crossed
Davis-Goff, SarahLast Ones Left Alive
Dazieri, SandroneKill the Father
Deakin, LeonaGone
Dean, WillDark Pines
Deaver, JefferyLincoln Rhyme:
14. The Steel Kiss
15. The Burial Hour
16. The Cutting Edge

Colter Shaw
1. The Never Game
Deighton, LenSS-GB*
Delacourt, GregoireThe First Thing You See
DeWitt, PatrickThe Sisters Brothers*
Undermajordomo Minor
Dicker, JoëlThe Baltimore Boys
Downer, LesleyThe Shogun’s Queen
Downing, SamanthaMy Lovely Wife
Doyle, RoddyThe Woman Who Walked into Doors
Durrant, SabineLie With Me
EEames, NicholasThe Band:
1. Kings of the Wyld
2. Bloody Rose
Edwards, MarkThe Magpies
The Retreat
Eggers, DaveThe Circle
Ekbäck, CeciliaIn the Month of the Midnight Sun
Wolf Winter
El Akkad, OmarAmerican War
Elliott, RachelDo Not Feed the Bear
Elliott Wright, SusanThe Flight of Cornelia Blackwood
Ellis, BellaThe Vanished Bride
Ellis, JanetThe Butcher’s Hook
Ellwood, NualaDay of the Accident
The House on the Lake
My Sister’s Bones
Evans, ClaireThe Fourteenth Letter
Extence, GavinThe Empathy Problem
The End of Time
FFielding, HelenBridget Jones’s Diary
Finn, A. J.The Woman in the Window
Fitzgerald, HelenViral
Fitzgerald, PenelopeOffshore
Flanagan, RichardThe Narrow Road to the Deep North
Fletcher, SusanHouse of Glass
Flint, EmmaLittle Deaths*
Ford, JamieLove and Other Consolation Prizes
Fountain, N. J.Painkiller
Franchini, LiviaShelf Life
Fridlund, EmilyHistory of Wolves
GGaiman, NeilAmerican Gods*
Galbraith, RobertCormoran Strike:
3. Career of Evil
4. Lethal White*
Garber, StephanieCaraval
Gardner, LisaWhen You See Me
Golden, ChristopherArarat
Dead Ringers
Golding, MelanieLittle Darlings
Grant, KesterThe Court of Miracles
Greaves, AbbieThe Silent Treatment
Green, SophieThe Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle
Griffiths, EllyThe Stranger Diaries
Gustawsson, JohanaRoy & Castells:
1. Block 46
2. Keeper
3. Blood Song
HHaig, MattHow to Stop Time
Hale, KatieMy Name is Monster
Hall, AramintaImperfect Women
Hall, LouisaSpeak
Hall, SarahThe Wolf Border
Halls, StaceyThe Familiars
Hamdy, AdamPendulum
Hamer, KateThe Girl in the Red Coat
Hamid, MohsinExit West
Hammer, ChrisScrublands
Hannah, JamesThe A-Z of You and Me
Hannah, SophieDid You See Melody?
Hardie, MarkBurned and Broken
Hardinge, FrancesA Skinful of Shadows
The Lie Tree*
Harper, JaneThe Lost Man

Aaron Falk:
1. The Dry
2. Force of Nature
Harris, S. A.Haverscroft
Harris, Sarah J.The Colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder
Harrison, MelissaAll Among the Barley
At Hawthorn Time
Hart, RobThe Warehouse
Hartley, LisaAsk No Questions
Hauser, EmilyGolden Apple Trilogy:
1. For the Most Beautiful
2. For the Winner
3. For The Immortal
Hausmann, RomyDear Child
Hawke, SamCity of Lies
Haynes, ElizabethThe Murder of Harriet Monckton
Haynes, NatalieThe Amber Fury
The Children of Jocasta
A Thousand Ships
Heng, RachelSuicide Club
Herbert, FrankDune
Heuvelt, Thomas OldeHex
Hickam, HomerCarrying Albert Home
Hickie, AmandaBefore This is Over
Hill, HarryFlight from Deathrow*
Hill, JoeHorns
The Fireman
Hill, MarkTwo O’Clock Boy
Ho Davies, PeterThe Fortunes
Hogan, P. S.The Intruder
Holliday, S. J. I.The Lingering
Honeyman, GailEleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
Horowitz, AnthonyMagpie Murders

Detective Daniel Hawthorne:
1. The Word is Murder
2. The Sentence is Death
Howrey, MegThe Wanderers
Hughes, MichaelThe Countenance Divine
Hunter, CaraDI Fawley:
1. Close to Home
2. In the Dark
3. No Way Out
4. All the Rage
Hunter, MeganThe End We Start From
Hurley, Andrew MichaelDevil’s Day
The Loney*
IInce, Robin et al.Dead Funny
Ishiguro, KazuoAn Artist of the Floating World
The Buried Giant
JJakobi, FrancescaBitter
James, MarlonA Brief History of Seven Killings
Jameson, HannaThe Last
Jasmon, SarahThe Summer of Secrets
Jeong, You-jeongThe Good Son
Jónasson, RagnarSnowblind*

Hidden Iceland:
1. The Darkness
2. The Island
3. The Mist
Jones, AlanBloq
Jones, Stephen LloydThe Disciple
Joyce, RachelMiss Benson’s Beetle
July, MirandaThe First Bad Man*
KKanon, JosephDefectors
Kara, LesleyThe Rumour
Who Did You Tell?
Katsu, AlmaThe Deep
The Hunger*
Kawakami, HiromiStrange Weather in Tokyo
Kent, HannahThe Good People
Kernick, SimonWe Can See You
Keyes, DanielFlowers for Algernon
Khan, KatieHold Back the Stars
The Light Between Us
Kidd, JessHimself
The Hoarder
Things in Jars
King, StephenMr Mercedes*

As Richard Bachman:
The Running Man
King, Stephen with King, OwenSleeping Beauties*
Kirk, ShannonThe Method*
Klefstad, DanThe Caretaker
Knight, RenéeDisclaimer*
The Secretary
Kohler, HannahThe Outside Lands
Kopievsky, MikhaeylaResistance
Kristoff, JayNevernight:
1. Nevernight
2. Godsgrave*
3. Darkdawn
LLagercrantz, DavidThe Girl in the Spider’s Web
Lam, LauraGoldilocks
Lapena, ShariAn Unwanted Guest
Someone We Know
Laurain, AntoineSmoking Kills
Lee, M. JonathanBroken Branches
Drift Stumble Fall
Leipciger, SarahThe Mountain Can Wait
Lelic, SimonThe House
The Liar’s Room
The Search Party
Lemaitre, PierreInhuman Resources
Leuschel, H. A.Manipulated Lives
The Memories We Bury
My Sweet Friend
Levene, RebeccaThe Hunter’s Kind
Levin, IraThe Boys From Brazil
Lewis, BethBitter Sun
The Wolf Road
Lindsay, JoanPicnic at Hanging Rock
Littlewood, AlisonMistletoe
Lloyd, TomStranger of Tempest
Locke, PhoebeThe Tall Man
Logan, KirstyA Portable Shelter
Things We Say in the Dark*
Lotz, SarahThe Three
The White Road
Lowe, KatieThe Furies*
Lunde, MajaClimate Quartet:
1. The History of Bees*
2. The End of the Ocean
Lupton, RosamundThree Hours
MMackenzie, RebeccaIn a Land of Paper Gods
Mackintosh, SophieThe Water Cure
Macmillan, GillyTo Tell You the Truth
Macneal, ElizabethThe Doll Factory
MacNeil, KevinThe Brilliant & Forever
Madsen, SeraphinaDodge and Burn
Mahmood, ImranYou Don’t Know Me
Marrs, JohnThe Passengers
Mazzola, AnnaThe Story Keeper
The Unseeing
McBeth, ColetteAn Act of Silence
Call Me a Liar
McCarthy, TomSatin Island
McDermid, ValOut of Bounds
McEwan, IanEnduring Love
McGeorge, ChrisGuess Who
McGowan, ClaireWhat You Did
McGuire, IanThe North Water
McKeagney, K. A.Tubing
McKnight Hardy, LucieWater Shall Refuse Them*
McMillan, JoMotherland
Melamed, JennieGather the Daughters
Menmuir, WylThe Many
Merritt, StephanieWhile You Sleep
Meyer, StephenieThe Chemist
Michael, SimonCharles Holborne:
1. The Brief
2. An Honest Man
3. The Lighterman
Michaelides, AlexThe Silent Patient
Miller, AndrewThe Crossing
Miller, MadelineCirce
Mills, MarkWhere Dead Men Meet
Mitchell, DavidSlade House
Mitchell, MaggiePretty Is
Montes, RaphaelPerfect Days
Moor, JessicaKeeper
Moore, GrahamThe Holdout*
Moore, JonathanThe Poison Artist*
Morden, S. J.One Way*
Moreno-Garcia, SilviaUntamed Shore
Mosawi, AnthonyTrust No One
NNathan, AlixThe Warlow Experiment
Neuvel, SylvainThemis Files:
1. Sleeping Giants
2. Waking Gods
3. Only Human
Newman, PeterThe Vagrant*
Ng, CelesteLittle Fires Everywhere
Nolan, DominicPast Life
Norman, CharityThe Secrets of Strangers
Norris, BarneyFive Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain
North, ClaireThe Gameshouse Novellas (The Serpent, The Thief, The Master)
The Sudden Appearance of Hope*
North, LaurenThe Perfect Betrayal
Novik, NaomiUprooted

1. Temeraire 
2. Throne of Jade
3. Black Powder War
4. Empire of Ivory
OO’Donnell, ParaicThe House on Vesper Sands
O’Farrell, MaggieHamnet
O’Hagan, AndrewThe Illuminations
O’Reilly, NoelWrecker
Obioma, ChigozieThe Fishermen
Okorafor, NnediThe Book of Phoenix
Okri, BenThe Famished Road
Onda, RikuThe Aosawa Murders
PPage, LibbyThe 24-Hour Café
The Lido
Painter, SarahBeneath the Water
Parker, HarryAnatomy of a Soldier
Parks, AdeleThe Stranger in my Home
Parry, H. G. The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep
Patrick, DenErebus Sequence:
1. The Boy with the Porcelain Blade*
2. The Boy who Wept Blood*
3. The Girl on the Liar’s Throne
Paull, LalineThe Ice
Paver, MichelleThin Air
Pearce, A. J.Dear Mrs Bird
Percy, BenjaminThe Dead Lands*
Perks, HeidiCome Back for Me
Now You See Her
Three Perfect Liars
Perrat, LizaThe Silent Kookaburra
The Swooping Magpie
Perry, SarahAfter Me Comes the Flood
The Essex Serpent
Petty, Kate ReedTrue Story
Phillips, HelenThe Beautiful Bureaucrat
Pierre, D. B. C.Vernon God Little
Pinborough, Sarah13 Minutes*
Behind Her Eyes
Cross Her Heart*
Polansky, DanielThe Builders
Punke, MichaelThe Revenant*
Purcell, LauraBone China
The Corset
QQuick, MatthewEvery Exquisite Thing
RRaabe, MelanieThe Trap
Ravatn, AgnesThe Seven Doors
Raymond, GaryThe Golden Orphans
Reid, KileySuch a Fun Age
Reid, RebeccaTruth Hurts
Reynolds, AmandaClose to Me
Rhys, RachelA Dangerous Crossing
Fatal Inheritance
Richmond, MichelleThe Marriage Pact
Riel, AneResin
Rudd, AlysonThe First Time Lauren Pailing Died
Russell, CraigThe Devil Aspect
Rutger, MichaelAnomaly Files:
1. The Anomaly*
2. The Possession*
Ryan, DonalFrom a Low and Quiet Sea
Strange Flowers
Ryan, W. C.A House of Ghosts
SSager, RileyFinal Girls
Last Time I Lied
Sahota, SunjeevThe Year of the Runaways
Sapkowski, AndrzejThe Last Wish
Saunders, GeorgeLincoln in the Bardo
Savage, ThomasThe Power of the Dog
Scalzi, JohnLock In
Schmidt, SarahSee What I Have Done
Schwab, V. E.This Savage Song*

Shades of Magic:
1. A Darker Shade of Magic*
2. A Gathering of Shadows
3. A Conjuring of Light*

1. Vicious
2. Vengeful
Schweblin, SamantaLittle Eyes
Scott, NikolaMy Mother’s Shadow
Summer of Secrets
Searle, NicholasThe Good Liar
Sedgwick, MarcusMister Memory
Setterfield, DianeOnce Upon a River
Shafak, ElifThe Architect’s Apprentice
Shemilt, JaneLittle Friends
Shepherd-Robinson, LauraBlood & Sugar
Sigurdardóttir, LiljaReykjavik Noir:
1. Snare
2. Trap
3. Cage
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe Undesired
Slimani, LeïlaLullaby
Smaill, AnnaThe Chimes
Smith, AliAutumn
Smith, EveThe Waiting Rooms
Smith, ZadieWhite Teeth
Smythe, J. P.Way Down Dark
Smythe, JamesI Still Dream
The Explorer
Snaith, MahsudaThe Things We Thought We Knew
Spain, JoDirty Little Secrets
The Confession
St Aubyn, EdwardDunbar
Stansfield, KatherineFalling Creatures
Steiner, SusieMissing, Presumed
Sternbergh, AdamThe Blinds
Swanson, PeterRules for Perfect Murders
Symon, VandaOverkill
TTchaikovsky, AdrianChildren of Time
Tearne, RomaThe Last Pier
Thorpe, RufiDear Fang, With Love
Timon, MaraCity of Spies
Tinti, HannahThe Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley
Tobin, SophiaThe Vanishing
Todd, G. X.Voices:
1. Defender
2. Hunted
3. Survivors
Tóibín, ColmHouse of Names
Toner, TomAmaranthine Spectrum:
1. The Promise of the Child
2. The Weight of the World
Toon, FrancinePine
Torjussen, MaryGone Without a Trace
Turton, StuartThe Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
Tuti, IlariaFlowers Over the Inferno
Tyce, HarrietBlood Orange
Tyler, AnneA Spool of Blue Thread
UUnderdown, BethThe Witchfinder’s Sister
VVaughn, S. K.Across the Void
Voss, LouiseThe Old You
WWalker, Karen ThompsonThe Age of Miracles
The Dreamers
Walters, Damien AngelicaThe Dead Girls Club
Walters, MichaelThe Complex
Ward, CatrionaLittle Eve*
Warner, BenjaminThirst*
Watkins, Claire VayeGold Fame Citrus
Watkins, RozThe Devil’s Dice
Weir, AndyArtemis*
The Martian
Wesolowski, MattSix Stories:
1. Six Stories
2. Hydra
3. Changeling
4. Beast
Whitaker, ChrisAll the Wicked Girls
Tall Oaks*
Whitehead, ColsonThe Underground Railroad
Whitehouse, DavidThe Long Forgotten
Wilde, SuzieThe Book of Bera
Williams, KatieTell the Machine Goodnight
Wilson, Daniel H.Robopocalypse*
Windo, Nick ClarkThe Feed
Winters, Ben H.Golden State
Underground Airlines
Winterson, JeanetteFrankissstein
The Daylight Gate
Wright, AustinTony & Susan (aka Nocturnal Animals)
YYanagihara, HanyaA Little Life
Yap, FeliciaYesterday
Young, DarrenChild Taken
ZZafón, Carlos RuizThe Labyrinth of the Spirits
Zhang, C PamHow Much of These Hills is Gold
Zumas, LeniRed Clocks
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