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Dodge and Burn by Seraphina Madsen – Review and Giveaway!


Rating: ★★★★☆

In 2015, I backed a Kickstarter project to help launch new independent publisher Dodo Ink, and I was thrilled when the first book – Dodge and Burn by Seraphina Madsen – arrived from this exciting new publisher.

Here’s the Goodreads synopsis:

We were told that our mother’s life was terminated by killer bees while vacationing in San Marcos, Mexico with Dr Vargas at his family home.

After her mother dies in bizarre circumstances, heiress Eugenie Lund is abducted by Dr Vargas, a charismatic Svengali-like figure who educates her according to his own philosophy, an esoteric blend of anthropology and psychiatry.  Isolated from outside influences, Eugenie’s life is spent on the run across North America and Europe, existing on the fringes of society, always trying to keep one step ahead of her past.  Taking in Mexico, Las Vegas, and the underground rave scene, Dodge and Burn is a psychedelic road trip recounted in beautifully crafted prose that pulses with frenetic energy.

Inspired by the likes of Carlos Castaneda and Hunter S. Thompson, this is an exciting, iconoclastic debut novel from a remarkable new voice.

Dodge and Burn is an unusual novel, and as the synopsis above suggests, there’s more than a little of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas about it.  I did find it a little slow to start, however, the pace soon started to quicken once I got into the novel.  Eugenie’s drug-fuelled journey means that she experiences and narrates from various levels of consciousness throughout the novel, which gives her voice a unique edge, and imparts a dreamlike quality on the novel.

I did find Dodge and Burn to be a little more focused on the occult than I would like.  I don’t say this as an issue with the novel, just to say that this aspect isn’t to my personal taste.  That said, I still found this to be an enjoyable read.  There is a bit of a twist at the end, and I did suspect something along those lines, yet this did not diminish my enjoyment of the novel at all.

Dodge and Burn is a wonderfully unique novel, and I’m incredibly excited for forthcoming offerings from Dodo Ink based upon this first offering.  Also, the cover is stunning, and if this is an example of things to come, then I expect that Dodo Ink will produce many beautiful books.

Long story short, I actually have two copies of Dodge and Burn, and so I have decided to do a giveaway.  To enter, simply leave a comment on this blog post by Sunday 11 September 2016, and one lucky winner will be selected at random to receive a copy of Dodge and Burn as well as a Dodo Ink bookmark (UK entrants only please).


    1. Congratulations! You’ve won a copy of Dodge and Burn plus a Dodo Ink bookmark! I’ll be in touch shortly to sort out delivery 🙂

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