Book Review

Dead Funny

Dead Funny is a collection of horror stories written by comedians.  It is edited by Johnny Mains and Robin Ince, who is also one of the contributors.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this collection.  Comedians writing horror stories doesn’t seem like a natural leap to me.  Plus, some big names have contributed to the collection – this makes me wary, as it can mean that it’s being sold on the strength of their reputations rather than the content.  Luckily, that’s the not the case here.  Whilst I can’t say that I loved every story, the quality of writing is excellent, and each story is different – even where similar themes have been covered.

Horror stories come in various guises, and I’d say that this collections covers most of them – gore, the supernatural, psychological thrillers etc. are all present and correct.

And there are some gems in Dead Funny!  The standout stories for me were:

  • The Patient by Mitch Benn, a story about revenge with an excellent twist
  • Anthemoessa by Phill Jupitus – with a nod to Greek mythology, I wouldn’t necessarily class this as horror, but it’s a wonderful little tale
  • All Warm Inside by Neil Edmond – one of the aforementioned gore-fests in the collection

There were a couple of stories in the collection that I didn’t like, but they may have more appeal to fans of the genre.

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