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Ghosts by G. X. Todd

The heart-stopping conclusion to the highly acclaimed Voices series, where there is no place left to hide and nowhere else to run.

Seven years ago, the voices came. Some people could hear and others despised them for it. As death and destruction spread, a ghostly figure was waiting in the shadows. Now the Flitting Man is ready to show his face – and no one is safe.

Pilgrim was made for this broken world. He’s chosen his path and will stop at nothing to see it through.

Lacey grew up in this changing world. She’s lost almost everything to the Flitting Man, but her fight isn’t over yet.

Albus sees this world as others cannot. And the friends that he’s kept safe are facing terrible danger.

Addison belongs to a very different world. She might just be the future, if she survives…

Long-time followers of Jo’s Book Blog will know that I adore post-apocalyptic fiction and that I’ve loved G. X. Todd’s Voices series since the first book in the series, Defender, was published back in 2017.  With Ghosts, Todd brings this fantastic series to a satisfying – if not entirely happy – conclusion.

I’m not going to go into the plot at all.  It would be far too easy to provide spoilers as to what happens earlier in the series, and this really is one that you need to pick up from the beginning and read in order to fully appreciate the setting, the characters, and everything they’ve been through to bring them to where we find them in Ghosts. With this final instalment, Todd brings the characters together for a final showdown, and as such it’s an action driven novel as the relevant players manoeuvre themselves (or are manoeuvred) into position. It’s fast paced and I was gripped throughout wanting to know how things would be brought to a close.

The characterisation throughout the series has been superb. I have loved seeing Lacey grow and develop as the series has progressed from her first appearance as a sheltered and somewhat naïve young woman who has been forced to toughen up in response to the world in which she’s found herself and the people and events that she has come into contact with. I said in my review of Defender that I’d prefer her to be a little more kickass and boy did Todd deliver.  Despite her experiences, she has remained a good person throughout the series – flawed, certainly, but better than most – developing into the character we see here.  It’s a fitting and organic transformation – saddening in some ways given the circumstances – but apt for the world Lacey has come into contact with throughout the series.   

Of course, the hero for me from the very first page has been Pilgrim. Taciturn by nature, it’s been an absolute delight to follow his journey and to see the diamond beneath that rough and gruff exterior emerge.  He is – and always will be – one of my favourite characters in fiction.  Of everyone we encounter in the series, I think that he is the one who has remained himself throughout.  Not entirely unchanged – I think that there’s been a softening where Lacey is concerned – but he has been true to himself and his ideals from the get-go. 

With Ghosts, Todd brings the Voices series to a satisfying if somewhat bittersweet conclusion. The reader gets the answers to those questions raised previously, as well as that final showdown against the Flitting Man. It’s a tremendous series and one of my favourite post-apocalyptic settings in recent years.  I can’t recommend it enough. 

Ghosts is published today (9 December) by Headline in hardback, digital, and audio formats. Huge thanks to Isabelle Wilson and Caitlin Raynor for providing a copy for review.

Disclaimer – I received a copy of this novel from the publisher.  This has in no way influenced my review.

The Voices series:

  1. Defender
  2. Hunted
  3. Survivors
  4. Ghosts


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