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Blog Tour: Someone We Know by Shari Lapena

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I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for Someone We Know today.  This is the latest novel from Shari Lapena, whose previous novel, An Unwanted Guest, I absolutely loved.

It can be hard keeping secrets in a tight-knit neighbourhood.

In a tranquil, leafy suburb of ordinary streets – one where everyone is polite and friendly – an anonymous note has been left at some of the houses.

‘I’m so sorry. My son has been getting into people’s houses. He’s broken into yours.’

Who is this boy, and what might he have uncovered? As whispers start to circulate, suspicion mounts.

And when a missing local woman is found murdered, the tension reaches breaking point. Who killed her? Who knows more than they’re telling? And how far will all these very nice people go to protect their secrets?

Maybe you don’t know your neighbour as well as you thought you did…

Someone We Know is set in a small neighbourhood that seems, on the surface at least, extremely pleasant.  Those living there are predominantly middle class with good careers and the whole 2.4 children set up.  But as the reader gets to take a closer look, this quiet suburbia proves to be a hotbed of secrets.  After all, who really knows what goes on behind their neighbours’ doors?

The main protagonist is Olivia, who finds out entirely by accident that her son has been breaking into homes in the neighbourhood and hacking into people’s computers.  To say that she is shocked doesn’t even begin to cover it, and, out of a sense of goodwill, she writes anonymised letters of apology to the homes that she knows Raleigh entered.  Her husband is against this idea, but Olivia is clearly a good person with a strong sense of right and wrong, and while her plan backfires, I think this act serves to give a sense of her character.  I loved Olivia, who seemed to be a very normal individual going through some trying times, but things are about to get worse for her, and I was with her every step of the way, hoping that she would come out of these events unscathed.

The main plot involves the disappearance of Amanda Pierce.  Reported missing by her husband when she fails to return from a shopping trip with a friend, the rumour mill begins to turn, and the common view is that she has left her husband.  When her body is discovered some weeks later, he is the main suspect, although it soon becomes apparent that she had her own secrets.  This is an exciting mystery that will keep you guessing until the end.  There are multiple suspects, each equally plausible, and it’s difficult to know who to believe.  Every time I thought I had the plot figured out, additional information came to light.  I thought that Lapena tied up the various plot points brilliantly, bringing together the various storylines by the end of the novel.

Someone We Know is another excellent novel from Shari Lapena, and one that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.  It was published on 25 July by Bantam Press.  Many thanks to the publisher and to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for the review copy and the opportunity to join the blog tour.

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