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The Caretaker by Dan Klefstad

The Caretaker is a short story originally published in the journal Crack the Spine, and I was delighted when Dan Klefstad offered me the opportunity to read and review it, particularly as the wonderful Kerry at Chat About Books reviewed it earlier this year and left me intrigued!

The Caretaker takes the form of a letter to an unnamed recipient who has been selected for a new job, one that comes with both significant risks and rewards.  Indeed, the applicant is warned that if they do not intend to take on the role then they should stop reading before they learn too much and be considered a threat to their potential employer.

I’m sure that any recipient of such a letter would not be able to resist reading further, and neither could I.  As the letter continues, the reader learns a little more about the role and what it entails from the perspective of Daniel, who currently holds the role that has been applied for.

Daniel explains how he obtained the job and some of the more unusual elements that you wouldn’t be expected to do in a 9 ‘til 5 as well as his experiences of his employers and also some crucial dos and don’ts that the applicant needs to be aware of.

In The Caretaker, Klefstad has taken the vampire tale and has given it a brilliant and refreshing new twist, and I’d love to read more in this vein (no pun intended) – maybe following the next person as they begin their new job, the difficulties they encounter and how they deal with some of the more unusual elements of their role.

This is a wonderfully creepy little tale, and I recommend it if you get chance to read it.  Many thanks to Dan Klefstad for providing a copy of The Caretaker for review.


      1. I did a review for Reads and Reels and tbh I was very shocked by it, wasn’t what I expected at all. Well worth the read!

    1. You’re very welcome, and thank you again for the opportunity to read this wonderful short story

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