Monthly Wrap Up

The month that was… February 2019

After January drags its heels, February always seems to whizz by in a flash, no doubt helped by having only 28 days in it (most years, anyway).  This month has seemed strange, going from cold, frosty mornings to mild days when I’ve gone out without a coat.  While it’s pleasant, it doesn’t quite seem right, does it?

I reviewed 9 books in February, of which my favourites were:

I also posted reviews of:

I also shared two unboxings, one for the latest My Chronicle Book Box – science fiction and fantasy edition – and one for a new subscription box, My Book Moment.

TBR Watch

Heading into March, I’m still making slow and steady progress in reducing my TBR:

TBR Mar19

It’s a marathon, not a sprint, right? 😉


    1. 😂 I’m starting to think that what I consider to be a manageable TBR is impossible…

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