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The month that was… January 2020

I’m not going to lie, January was tough!  I always find this to be a difficult time of year, and work being horribly busy hasn’t helped at all!  But, it’s over now, and hopefully February will be a better month as things calm down a little, and as the days get a little longer!

January is at least a good month for hiding indoors curled up with a good book, and I have manged to get plenty of reading and blogging done!  I reviewed ten books in January, of which the standouts were:

I also reviewed:

In addition to the reviews posted, I also did an end of year summary post looking back at my blogging in 2019, and I highlighted some of the titles that I’m most looking forward to reading in 2020.  I also set myself a challenge to read three fantasy series this year, and while it’s going ok so far, time will tell if this indeed as foolish as I think it might be!

TBR Watch

My TBR has reduced slightly for this month, but only by two!  It’s still a reduction, and I did manage to read six of my backlist titles in January, so I’m quite happy with that 😀

TBR Feb20



    1. Thanks, Nicki – for all that it felt so very long at times, from a reading perspective, it was a decent month 🙂

  1. I’m so glad I don’t do statistics. All I know is my TBR is piling up and it’s probably better that I don’t know by how much 😂.

    Hope February will be a calmer month for you! xx

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