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Magic Alley – Harry Potter Merchandise

I slightly different kind of review for me today, but I’m really excited to introduce you to Magic Alley ( – a site which deals solely in official Harry Potter merchandise.  I know that there are one or two Harry Potter fans out there, and this website has a great range of products, including:

  • Jewellery
  • Scarves
  • Tote bags
  • Butterbeer (honestly – who hasn’t wanted to try butterbeer?!)
  • Sweets
  • Watches

This list is by no means exhaustive, and, for those of you keen to display your loyalty, many products are available in house colours.  I was lucky enough to be offered a few samples to try out, and I’m really impressed with the items.

Greetings Cards

As well as the items mentioned above, Magic Alley also stocks a range of greetings cards, and I really like this “You’re a Keeper” greetings card which appeals to my sense of humour (I can’t resist a good pun):



I mentioned that some products come in house colours, and of course I jumped at the chance to get my very own Slytherin pendent!


I really like this item – the pendant is surprisingly dainty (using a 1p piece for scale below), but the detail is exceptional, and the necklace itself is comfortable to wear.



I absolutely these Deathly Hallows earrings.  I was impressed with the quality of these – they’re really shiny, so they look great on, and they have a pleasing weight to them without being uncomfortable to wear.  I find that some earrings can feel a little flimsy, but these were perfect and they’re of good quality without a hefty price tag.


I highly recommend Magic Alley if you’re looking for some fun, Harry Potter themed merchandise, whether it’s for yourself or for a friend.  The products are all official, and there is a wonderful range of items available, all at great value for money.  You can find out more information about Magic Alley on their website and Facebook page:

Many thanks to Nathan at Magic Alley for providing the above items.


  1. Yay love Harry Potter might have to ask for some for my birthday! X

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