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Mini Ninja Book Box Unboxing – Feb 17

I’m a little late with posting my unboxing, but better late than never, right?

You may remember that in November 2016, I received the first Ninja Book Box following their extremely successfully Kickstarter campaign – you can see my unboxing of the first Ninja Book Box here.

When it was announced that the theme for February’s box was “a Shakespearean Mystery”, I was immediately intrigued, and I decided that I would get the Mini Ninja Book Box this time round.

Here is what the mini box gets you:

NBB - Feb17 - 1

Everything in the box is individually (and beautifully) wrapped.  The possible spoilers envelope, and I think that it’s a nice touch that it’s marked as such so that you can choose whether or not you open it straight away, contains a summary of the book along with why it was chosen and suggestions for further reading.

I then opened the blue package, which was the gift included in the box:

NBB - Feb17 - 2

These are three Shakespeare inspired teas:

  • Twelfth Night: A bright blend of wonderful high grade Sencha enhanced by the saltiness from Seabuck Thorn and the blue cornflower reflecting our own fresh sea air and glorious coastline
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A truly wonderful mix of chamomile, lavender and passion flower.  This is a wonderful all natural relaxant that has been known to aid restful sleep
  • Hamlet: A wonderful aromatic Oolong tea, being a gently oxidised leaf, so taking away the slightly bitter taste that you may get from a green tea.  Our particular choice of Oolong is a delicate light leaf, but still with plenty of flavours, with slight hints of peach

I drink green tea at work, but apart from that, I’m not much of a tea drinker.  I will definitely try these, however.

And then there is the book:

NBB - Feb17 - 3

Ninja Book Box specialises in books from independent publishers, and The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett is published by Alma Books.  Here’s the Goodreads synopsis:

A mysterious portrait ignites an antiquarian bookseller’s search through time and the works of Shakespeare for his lost love.

Hay-on-Wye, 1995. Peter Byerly isn’t sure what drew him into this particular bookshop. Nine months earlier, the death of his beloved wife, Amanda, had left him shattered. The young antiquarian bookseller relocated from North Carolina to the English countryside, hoping to rediscover the joy he once took in collecting and restoring rare books. But upon opening an eighteenth-century study of Shakespeare forgeries, Peter is shocked when a portrait of Amanda tumbles out of its pages. Of course, it isn’t really her. The watercolour is clearly Victorian. Yet the resemblance is uncanny, and Peter becomes obsessed with learning the picture’s origins.

As he follows the trail back first to the Victorian era and then to Shakespeare’s time, Peter communes with Amanda’s spirit, learns the truth about his own past, and discovers a book that might definitively prove Shakespeare was, indeed, the author of all his plays.

Guaranteed to capture the hearts of everyone who truly loves books, The Bookman’s Tale is a former bookseller’s sparkling novel and a delightful exploration of one of literature’s most tantalising mysteries, with echoes of Shadow of the Wind and A.S. Byatt’s Possession.

The Bookman’s Tale is not one that I’ve come across before, and I’m excited to read it.

Unfortunately, my box came without the little charm that is meant to be included, although they did offer to send me one when they heard about this, which shows what great customer service they offer.

I really like the Ninja Book Box and their dedication to independent publishers.  I think that if I was going to purchase a box in the future, I would go for the full box though – I think it’s worth the additional spend to get the full box and all the wonderful gifts they provide.

You can see unboxings of the full box from fellow bloggers:

And you can find out more about Ninja Book Box at


      1. Instead of Hamlet, I got MacBeth, with is a fruity tea, I’ve tried that one, it smells and tastes amazing! What about you, have you tried any?

      2. Not yet! I’m open to trying them, but I’ve not liked enjoyed herbal or fruity tea that I’ve tried before 😦

      3. Oh dear 🙈 hopefully you’ve just been trying the wrong teas, there’s so many, green teas, black teas, white teas, oolong teas (just to name a few) and that’s before you’ve even got to the flavours haha!

      4. Green tea, with or without with lemon, I’m fine with. Anything else… I’ll let you know how it goes! 😂

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