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The month that was… October 2021

Another month gone, and the shops are already full to the brim with Christmas items. I personally treat Christmas as a swear word until December, although that is at least partly because my birthday is in November and I like to focus on that without diluting it with talk of Christmas! Selfish, I know 😂

October was quite a good month for reading. I’ve read more and I think that my reading mojo has now returned in full. I’ve even managed to keep on top of blogging (well, mostly!) and I’m trying to write my reviews within a few days of finishing a book. While life sometimes interrupts, it does make it easier for me to get my thoughts down in a vaguely coherent fashion.

Books Read and Reviewed

Favourite Reads This Month

The observant amongst you will notice that while I intended to read all of this year’s Booker shortlisted novels, I haven’t. I did try, but had two that I just didn’t get on with. I gave it up as a bad job at that point. I’ll watch the winner announcement next week, but my money is on Richard Powers.


I received three books for review this month:

And purchased ten 😬

TBR Watch

When I started prepping this post, I was all set to gloat about another month in which I’d been relatively restrained and managed to reduce my TBR a little. Then I went to a book shop on Saturday and added an extra three! I regret nothing! 😃 And, I have managed to read all of the books I purchased prior to 2021 now, so that’s something!

  • Books out = 10 read + 2 DNF* = 12
  • Books in = 3 ARCs + 10 purchases = 13
  • Equals an increase of 1 in my TBR

*I may come back to some of the DNFs at a later date, but for now they have been removed from my TBR.


    1. It’s been a while, so hopefully my reading mojo will stick around for a bit now! 😀

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