Monthly Wrap Up

The month that was… June 2021

I’m a bit late posting my monthly wrap up as I’ve had a few days camping in Yorkshire. The weather was wonderful – even with Saturday’s thunderstorm (I’ll admit, I love a good storm, wherever I am!) and it was so nice to get away from everything for a few days with time to read, relax, and recuperate. It was very much needed!

June was quite an erratic month, both from a blogging and a reading perspective. I hit something of a slump on both fronts and felt a distinct lack of motivation for reading, writing reviews, and blogging generally. I think I’ve recovered now, but I’m still taking it relatively steady. Of course, this has meant a slow start to 20 books of summer. I’m still confident of reading 20 books, but reviewing them all in time might be more of a challenge now… 😬

Books Read and Reviewed

Favourite Reads This Month

20 Books of Summer

I’ve read 6 of my 20 books of summer, and some of them even appeared on my original list! I’ve only managed to review 4 of them so far, however…


Just one book for review this month:

And the books I bought / acquired, in the case of If Looks Could Kill, which I won in a giveaway on Twitter:

TBR Watch

Not great but could have been worse given this month’s reading slump:

  • Books out* = 6 read + 1 DNF = 7
  • Books in = 1 ARC + 8 purchases = 9
  • Equals an increase of 2 in my TBR

*I can’t remember the last time I read so few books in a month – I’m normally in double figures.


    1. Indeed – I do feel as though I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with this one. But, all the reviews I’ve seen have been positive, and I’m intrigued by it…

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