Monthly Wrap Up

The month that was… October 2020

What a month! Having been made redundant at the start of October, I wasn’t sure how it would pan out, but I’m delighted to say that I’ve secured a new role that I’ll be starting shortly! 😀 It was quite a stressful time – interviews aren’t fun in any circumstances – but I don’t feel that I’m in a position to moan as I do realise that I’m in a very fortunate position to have secured a new role, and one that I’m looking forward to, quickly and without having to retrain. Like many, I completed the government skills assessment to see what it would recommend, and while I like the idea of being an astronomer or microbrewer, I’m not sure either would be my first choice if I was looking to try something new…

This did make October quite erratic, particularly on the blogging front. I’ve read a lot, but needed a bit of a break from blogging at times. I’m slowly getting caught up, but hopefully posts should come a little more regularly from here on in.

I reviewed seven books in October, with the standout reads (quite unintentionally following a watery theme!) being:

I also reviewed:

TBR Watch

It has gone down ever so slightly… as mentioned, I’ve read quite a lot this month, but also seem to have acquired almost as many…


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