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The month that was… September 2020

After receiving the news in August about my impending redundancy, today – 1 October – is my last working day. While I’m sad to be leaving, I’m quite glad that it’s over – the last six weeks of “consultation” have been a strange limbo period of knowing that I’m leaving, with that very slim chance that something may happen to change the situation. At least now I can focus fully on the future and the new opportunities that are available. It’s still a little daunting at times, but I’m sure that things will work out.

As a result of the rather stressful period, my reading has been a little erratic of late – I’ve had periods of reading as I used to, and periods of not being able to concentrate fully. If nothing else, being out of work should mean that I have some time to catch up!

I reviewed nine books in September, with the standout reads being:

I also reviewed:

And I posted my 20 Books of Summer wrap up.

TBR Watch

I think that the less that is said about this, the better! 😀 I’ve not read as much, I’ve bought more than usual – this was only ever going to go one way…


  1. Sorry to hear about the redundancy. As you say the uncertainty of the waiting period is awful. Be kind to Yourself in coming weeks, you’re going to go through some ups and downs.

    1. Yes – I think that I can now focus on the future at least and new opportunities, but I’m sure there will be good and bad days to come.

  2. Sorry about the redundancy. I’ve been there so know the ups and downs it can bring. I hope this month is more settled and that something emerges from it.

    1. Thank you, Janet. This week in particular has been difficult, but I hope that I can now at least focus on the future.

    1. Yes – it’s certainly been a stressful time! But, I’m trying to remain positive (which is sometimes easier said than done, but what can you do?)

    1. I hope you enjoy them! Comfort buying books is therapeutic, right? It’d be wrong to deprive ourselves… 😏

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