Monthly Wrap Up

The month that was… June 2019

Well, we’re halfway through the year already, and summer does now seem to have kicked off in earnest.

June was a good month for reading, although I did take a little unplanned break from blogging over the last week – work was a little hectic! 😦  But, going forward, I’ll be reducing my working hours a little, and only working four days a week.  “Work / life balance” is one of those corporate phrases that had me rolling my eyes until mine became adversely affected – I’ve a much better appreciation of what it means now!

Anyhoo, I only reviewed 7 books in June.  I read more than this, but I’m a little behind in getting all of my reviews written up!  Of the books I did manage to review in June, these were my favourites:

  • Dignity by Alys Conran takes the reader from colonial India to present day Wales, and explores the lives of three very different women
  • VOX by Christina Dalcher is a look at an all too plausible future where women are once more relegated to the home, with their duties and rights, even the ability to speak, severely limited
  • Changeling by Matt Wesolowski is the latest instalment in the Six Stories series, which takes the form of a podcast.  It’s a brilliant and original series that I highly recommend

I also reviewed:

I also took part in Shelf Control (on the 5th and the 19th) and Six Degrees of Separation, and I signed up 20 Books of Summer.  I’ve already made a few swaps to those listed, but I’ve so far read six books for this challenge, a couple of which I still need to write up my reviews for.  That works out to being on target, although I’d like to get a little ahead over the next month!

TBR Watch

My TBR is looking a little healthier now, and I’m pleased that my backlist (books acquired prior to 2019) is coming down nicely!

TBR Jul19

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