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This Week in Books – 11-07-18

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This Week in Books is a feature hosted by Lipsy at Lipsyy Lost and Found that allows bloggers to share:

  • What they’ve recently finished reading
  • What they are currently reading
  • What they are planning to read next

The last book I finished reading was Suicide Club by Rachel Heng, which I absolutely loved!  I posted my review of this wonderful new dysptoia yesterday.

suicide club

What are you doing to help yourself? What are you doing to show that you’re worth the resources?

In a near-future world, medical technology has progressed far enough that immortality is now within grasp -but only to those who show themselves to be deserving of it. These people are the lifers: the exercisers, yogacisers, green juicers and early nighters.

Genetically perfect, healthy and wholesome, one hundred-year-old Lea is the poster girl for lifers, until the day she catches a glimpse of her father in the street, eighty-eight years after their last encounter. While pursuing him, Lea has a brush with death which sparks suspicions. If Lea could be so careless, is she worthy of immortality?

Suicide Club wasn’t always an activist group. It began as a set of disillusioned lifers, gathering to indulge in forbidden activities: performances of live music, artery-clogging meals, irresponsible orgies. But now they have been branded terrorists and are hunted by the state.

And Lea has decided to give them a call.

My current read is Trust No One by Anthony Mosawi.

trust no one


Locked in a sensory-deprivation tank.  Trapped for days in the dark.  Listening to the same message over and over: ‘My name is Sara Eden.  My name is Sara Eden’.

Her memory gone, this is all Sara knows about herself.

There were a handful of clues.  A battered necklace.  A few scraps of paper.  And a Polaroid of a stranger with a handwritten note: ‘Don’t trust this man’.

Now an adult, Sara knows a few more things.

That the government agents pursuing her will never stop.  And that the only path to her identity is to find the man she must not trust.  But there is something else in Sara’s past that is more dangerous, more deadly, than her pursuers.  And the only thing she knows for certain is that she must TRUST NO ONE.

My next read will be A Noise Downstairs by Linwood Barclay.

a noise downstairs


Paul Davis forgets things – he gets confused, he has sudden panic attacks.  But he wasn’t always like this.


Eight months ago, Paul found two dead bodies in the back of a co-worker’s car.  He was attacked, left for dead, and has been slowly recovering ever since.  His wife tries her best but fears the worst…


Therapy helps during the days, but at night he hears things – impossible things – that no one else can.  That nobody else believes.  Either he’s losing his mind – or someone wants him to think he is.

Just because he’s paranoid doesn’t mean it’s not happening…

And that’s my week in books! What are you reading this week?  Let me know in the comments! 😎


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