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Mount TBR Challenge Update – June 2018

Challenge Update

I was making really good progress in this challenge, but my reading has slowed down over the last month or so and I’ve only read three titles from my backlist this month.  Whilst I’d like to make up for this in June, it’s just not going to happen, as I’ll be moving to a new house later this month!  This does mean that I’ll be blogging less than usual, and I won’t be able to blog hop and share as much as I would like.  Hopefully July will see things get back to normal.

The backlist titles I did manage to read were:

  • The Lucky Ones by Julianne Pachico – unfortunately, I didn’t get around to reviewing this, but I loved Pachico’s writing style, and the way that this seemingly disparate collection of short stories had little connections to join up the collection
  • Sympathy by Olivia Sudjic – I really wanted to like this, but I just couldn’t get into it.  I do think that this is a case of me being the problem rather than the novel, however, so I’ll probably give this another go in the future
  • A Skinful of Shadows by Frances Hardinge – now, I may have cheated a little with this one, as I bought it on Kindle when it came out late last year, but then picked up a physical copy in order to get it signed at this year’s Hay Festival (I’m glad I did, because Hardinge drew a very dapper looking goose for me) – BUT I originally bought it in 2017, so I’m still counting it as a backlist title 😛 My review for this title will be up soon


So what does this mean in terms of the challenge?  Well, I’m ALMOST at the top of Mount Vancouver!

Mount TBR Jun 18

Hopefully I’ll reach the summit this month!

TBR Watch

Hay Festival always causes a spike in my TBR, and this year is no exception – although I was more restrained than usual this year!

  • Total: 59
  • Backlist: 17
  • ARCs: 12
  • New: 30


  1. You’re still doing really well Jo. I have fallen so far behind, hoping to catch up this month and next month. Need to stop accepting so many ARC’s! 🙄😆

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