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This Week in Books – 15-11-17

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This Week in Books is a feature hosted by Lipsy at Lipsyy Lost and Found that allows bloggers to share:

  • What they’ve recently finished reading
  • What they are currently reading
  • What they are planning to read next

I’ve just finished reading The Coffin Path by Katherine Clements, which is my first 2018 title.  I really enjoyed this creepy ghost story – now I just need to work out how to do it justice in a review!

the coffin path

Maybe you’ve heard tales about Scarcross Hall, the house on the old coffin path that winds from village to moor top. They say there’s something up here, something evil.

Mercy Booth isn’t afraid. The moors and Scarcross are her home and lifeblood. But, beneath her certainty, small things are beginning to trouble her. Three ancient coins missing from her father’s study, the shadowy figure out by the gatepost, an unshakeable sense that someone is watching.

When a stranger appears seeking work, Mercy reluctantly takes him in. As their stories entwine, this man will change everything. She just can’t see it yet.

Last night I started reading Dark Pines by Will Dean, which is a novel that I’ve heard a lot about recently, and I can’t wait to get in to.

dark pines

An isolated Swedish town.

A deaf reporter terrified of nature.

A dense spruce forest overdue for harvest.

A pair of eyeless hunters found murdered in the woods.

It’s week one of the Swedish elk hunt and the sound of gunfire is everywhere. When Tuva Moodyson investigates the story that could make her career she stumbles on a web of secrets that knit Gavrik town together. Are the latest murders connected to the Medusa killings twenty years ago? Is someone following her? Why take the eyes? Tuva must face her demons and venture deep into the woods to stop the killer and write the story. And then get the hell out of Gavrik.

My next read is likely to be The Wicked Cometh by Laura Carlin, which sounds wonderfully dark!

the wicked cometh

‘We have no need to protect ourselves from the bad sort because we ARE the bad sort…’

‘This newspaper has taken note that the past month has been remarkable for the prevalence of cases where men, women and children are declared missing. Scarcely a week passes without the occurrence of an incident of this type’ – The Morning Herald, Tuesday 13 September 1831

Down the murky alleyways of London, acts of unspeakable wickedness are taking place and the city’s vulnerable poor are disappearing from the streets. Out of these shadows comes Hester White, a bright young woman who is desperate to escape the slums by any means possible.

When Hester is thrust into the world of the aristocratic Brock family, she leaps at the chance to improve her station in life under the tutelage of the fiercely intelligent and mysterious Rebekah Brock.

But whispers from her past slowly begin to poison her new life and both she and Rebekah are lured into the most sinister of investigations, dragging them into the blackest heart of a city where something more depraved than either of them could ever imagine is lurking…

And that’s my week in books!  What are you reading this week?  Let me know in the comments!


    1. Not too shabby, is it? 😆 The Wicked Cometh is out 8 Feb – might still be on Netgalley if you’re interested?

  1. Ooh Dark Pines sounds incredibly atmospheric.. I’ve seen it but didn’t pay it much attention.. until now! I look forward to your thoughts about that one! Happy reading this week and thank you for stopping by!

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