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This Week in Books – 17-05-17

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This Week in Books is a feature hosted by Lipsy at Lipsyy Lost and Found that allows bloggers to share:

  • What they’ve recently finished reading
  • What they are currently reading
  • What they are planning to read next

I’ve just finished reading Child Taken by Darren Young:

How could such a thing happen?

But it did happen.

I wasn’t one of the others, observing.

It happened to me.

One hot summer’s day, two-year-old Jessica Preston disappears from the beach. The police are convinced she drowned, but Sandra Preston won’t give up hope that her daughter is still alive.

How can she?

Twenty years later, another child goes missing, and Sandra is approached by a young journalist who raises questions about what really happened to Jessica Preston all those years ago. But when the journalist discovers someone with an explosive secret, it threatens not only to reveal what’s been covered up for so long, but puts both their lives in danger.

I’m currently reading The Baltimore Boys by Joel Dicker:

NOVEMBER 24, 2004

The day of the tragedy. The end of a brotherhood.

The Baltimore Boys. The Goldman Gang. That was what they called Marcus Goldman and his cousins Woody and Hillel. Three brilliant young men with dazzling futures ahead of them, before their kingdom crumbled beneath the weight of lies, jealousy and betrayal. For years, Marcus has struggled with the burdens of his past, but now he must attempt to banish his demons and tell the true and astonishing story of the Baltimore Boys.

Next, I’m planning to read Defectors by Joseph Kanon, a novel that I’m really looking forward to, as it’s a little different to my usual kind of read:

Some secrets should never be told.

Moscow, 1961: With the launch of Sputnik, the Soviet Union’s international prestige is at an all-time high. And the most notorious of the defectors to the Soviet Union, former CIA agent Frank Weeks, is about to publish his memoirs. What he reveals will send shock waves through the West. Weeks’ defection in the early 1950s shook Washington to its core – and forced the resignation of his brother, Simon, from the State Department.

Simon, now a publisher in New York, is given the opportunity to read and publish his brother’s memoir. He knows the US government will never approve the publication of what is clearly intended as KGB propaganda. Yet the offer is irresistible: it will finally give him the chance to learn why his brother chose to betray his country.

But what he discovers in Moscow is far more shocking than he ever imagined…

And that’s my week in books!  What are you reading this week?


  1. I’m really curious to hear your thoughts on The Baltimore Boys!! I read The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair and thought it was good, not great so I’ll be keeping my eye on this next one:)

    1. I loved Harry Quebert, so I’ve really been looking forward to The Baltimore Boys. I’ve not finished it yet, but so far, I like it but don’t love it. It is quite different to Harry Quebert however, so you might prefer this one…?

    1. I’ve really been looking forward to The Baltimore Boys for the same reason – I’m enjoying it! 😘

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