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Beat the Backlist Challenge Update


It’s that time again!  Time to assess look at how I’ve progressed (or not!) with Novel Knight’s Beat the Backlist Challenge, and take a look at the state of my (seemingly ever increasing) TBR pile.

As I’d expected, February was largely taken up with reading review copies, but I did manage to sneak in 2 books from my backlist:

  • The Sellout by Paul Beatty – I was looking forward to reading this as it ticked three boxes for me – it was my book group’s choice for February, I bought it last year, so it was eligible for the BTB challenge, and it’s won the Booker Prize, meaning it fits in with my challenge to read all the Booker Prize winners. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish it – I couldn’t get into it, and whilst it was amusing in places, I think it’s a very American sense of humour, and some references were lost on me
  • After Me Comes the Flood by Sarah Perry – my review will be posted soon, but this is a slightly strange novel that I enjoyed, although not as much as Perry’s follow up, The Essex Serpent.  It was my oldest (in terms of purchase date) unread book, though, so it felt like quite an achievement to read this one

I now have 40 backlist titles to read by the end of the year – 4 a month for the next 10 months doesn’t seem too unreasonable…

TBR Watch

Once again, I’ve failed miserably at not buying / requesting new books, and my TBR now stands at 68 books.  That said, I am going to blame the wonderful Headline Blogger Night for a fair chunk of my new acquisitions!


I’m hoping to make better progress this month (yeah, I know – you’ve heard it all before!) as Novel Knight is hosting a three day readathon from 10th to 12th March to help tackle the backlist, and I’m hoping to read one book on each of these three days.

Wish me luck!


  1. I love the tbr graph! And you’re doing better than me in this challenge, I read a few of my own but so far, only 1 from the list of 12, I wanted to read. Luckily, were still very early on in the year so we can catch up

    1. Thank you! Took a while to decide on a format, but I quite like the result.
      I am hoping to make more progress on this challenge as the year goes on, although I am starting to have some doubts! I can see me pulling a few all-nighters to meet this challenge! 😂

  2. Good luck! It’s so haaaard haha You’re doing way better than me… 😦

    1. Ha – I’m having some doubts about being able to meet the target I’ve set, although it is still relatively early in the year….

  3. I am still bloody failing at reading from my shelf. I blame all the proof copies, especially from Netgalley! I am avoiding that website for a while…I’m hoping to knock off 3 from my list this coming March/halfway into April. I don’t even have a list of how many books from my shelves I’m going to try and read this year, but my 2 new books/month resolution is (hopefully) going to help me a lot! 😀


    1. I’m struggling massively! I’m going to the Hay Festival in May, so I’m trying not to buy / request any books between now and then! We’ll see how that goes…
      Good luck with your resolution! 😃

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