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A slightly different post from me today as I wanted to share Book Buddle with you all.

Buddle is a protective cover for your books to stop them getting marked, dog eared or otherwise damaged when you’re on the go.  As someone who always (and I do mean always!) has a book with me, I’ve found this to be a real problem on occasion, depending upon the bag I’m using and what else I’m carrying with me, and so I was very much taken with the product when I first came across it on Twitter.

Book Buddle is the brain child of Jules Swain, who, having become fed up of her books being damaged, decided to do something about it.  From having made these covers for herself, friends and family, Jules now has her own shop on Etsy and is selling to the general public!

They are made from linen and cotton and have a foam padding, so your books really are well looked after.  I’m so taken with these that I already have three!


Buddles currently come in both large and small sizes, although Jules is happy to custom-make these to fit Kindles etc.:

  • Small measures approx. 9″ by 7″, and will fit a standard sized paperback of up to 600 pages
  • Large measures approx. 11″ by 8.5″, and will fit a standard sized hardback of up to 600 pages

I can’t say that I’ve fully stress-tested them, but The Quick by Lauren Owen (a hardback of approx. 520 pages) and Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace (paperback of approx. 550 pages) both fit comfortably in the large and small Buddles respectively.

Jules has some great prints available, and is happy to be contacted directly if you have something specific in mind.

You can find Jules on Twitter at @bookbuddle and @julesbuddle and her shop is on Etsy.


  1. I’ve recently received my first Buddle and love it. I bought the small one but will buy another in a larger size for bigger books.

    1. It’s such a great idea, isn’t it? Seriously considering getting one for my Kindle too, although I should probably stop at that! 😂

  2. What a great idea! I’ve always wrapped the book I’m reading in a plastic bag or a thick cotton scarf if I’m taking it out with me to stop it getting damaged in my bag but the book bundle looks so much better (not to mention a lot prettier!). I’m going to bookmark the Etsy store and will look at buying one (or more!) of these quite soon.

    1. I’m really pleased with mine – they are such good quality. Like you, I’ve often found something to wrap around a book, but it hasn’t always worked brilliantly for me. Jules is happy to source alternative prints if there is something in particular you’d like 🙂

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