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2015 Round Up

What a year it’s been!

It’s a little hard to believe that I started this blog seven months ago – it doesn’t feel like it’s been going for more than a couple of months!

Whether this is your first time visiting (please do come again!) or whether you’re already following – thank you!  It wouldn’t be as much fun if no one was reading it!

2015 has given us some wonderful new books – here, in no particular order, is my top 10:

The Mirror World of Melody Black by Gavin Extence

Extence follows up his wonderful The Universe Versus Alex Woods with this stunning novel which focuses on Abby, a freelance journalist, who lives with bipolar disorder.  The reader experiences her highs and lows, and the effect that it has on those closest to her as she spirals out of control.

Uprooted by Naomi Novik

The valley where Agnieszka lives is protected by an aloof wizard whom the villagers know very little about.  Every ten years, he chooses a girl from the village to serve him.  She is forced to live in his tower with him for ten years, at which point she is free to go.  But the women are always different at the end of this period, and they soon move away from their families to start their lives elsewhere.  And this year a new girl will be chosen…

Way Down Dark by J. P. Smythe

Hundreds of years ago, huge ships were launched into space when earth became uninhabitable due to overcrowding and global warming.  They’ve been searching for a new home ever since.  Set aboard the Australia, we follow Chan as she tries to survive and to find a better way to live.

The Chimes by Anna Smaill

Longlisted for this year’s Man Booker Prize, The Chimes is one of the most unusual novels that I’ve read.  Set in a dystopian world ruled by The Order, inhabitants are controlled through the use of a musical instrument – The Carillon.  People are unable to form new memories, and the written word is forbidden.  The story follows Simon on his quest to find out what happened to him and his family – and as he discovers much more besides.

Carrying Albert Home by Homer Hickam

A wonderfully heart-warming story about Homer, Elsie and their pet alligator Albert who they are returning to Florida.  Along the way, they have an incredible series of adventures, and begin to discover what is really important, both to themselves and each other.

Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick DeWitt

Lucy Minor wants nothing so much as some excitement.  Finding employment in the Baron Von Aux’s castle, he gets more than he bargained for in this wonderfully dark and amusing tale.

A Robot in the Garden by Deborah Install

A delightful little tale about Ben, and the robot, Tang, that he finds in his garden one morning.  Determined to commit to something (for a change) he sets out on a mission to take Tang home.

The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan

The Gracekeepers is a magical story of a travelling circus, and two young women who are trying to find somewhere to call home.  Set in a world that has almost completely flooded, this is an enchanting, haunting tale.

At Hawthorn Time by Melissa Harrison

At Hawthorn Time follows the lives of four people in the small village of Lodeshill.  Beautifully written, this has been nominated for this year’s Costa Novel Award, and fully deserves the accolade.

Slade House by David Mitchell

Set in the same world as The Bone Clocks, this is Mitchell’s take on the haunted house story.  This is a creepy little novel that is as unique as you’d expect from the author.

And there you have it – my favourite books of 2015!  I’d love to hear from you if you’ve read any of these and what you thought, or if you think there’s anything missing from this list – I’m always on the lookout for new recommendations.

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