Man Booker Prize

Man Booker Prize 2015

Congratulations to Marlon James on winning this year’s Man Booker Prize with A Brief History of Seven Killings.

Whilst this wasn’t my favourite of the short listed titles, I did predict that this would go on to win the prize – my review can be found here.

A Brief History of Seven Killings is inspired by the attempt to assassinate Bob Marley in 1976, and is told from the perspective of multiple characters including the would-be assassins, a member of the CIA and a reporter, amongst others.  It opens the day before the attack, and covers the event itself as well as the aftermath years later for those that were involved or affected in some way.

It’s an ambitious novel, and I wasn’t at all surprised when James was announced as this year’s winner.  It’s not the easiest of reads, but it will stay with me for a long time.

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